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Welcome to EVAs collection of training materials.

Here you will find links to materials, courses and providers, where you can learn more about entrepreneurship and building a business.

The materials are divided into 5 units with different themes.

When you completed the 'Discover Your Enterprise Skills' test, you received a feedback with recommendations for which units to focus on.

You choose the unit you want to discover by clicking the 'Course' menu in the top bar and there you can pick which of the 5 units you want. When you have explored that unit, you can either return here or choose another unit from the same menu.

Guide to using this collection

Use your feedback to reflect on your weak areas and what you need to learn about.

In the unit(s) related to these areas you will find a short description of the material or course that the link leads to. A few added information can help you determine, if the link is relevant for you.

The link opens in another window, where you can use time to discover the information there, before you return here and continue.

Remember that the information in the units is relevant and related to the Enterprise Simulator, where you can test your skills afterwards.

Unit 1 - Business Creation

Information about regulation, legislation and procedures required for starting a business. Also information about being self-employed and what this entails.

Unit 2 - Starting Your Business

Practical considerations concerning starting a business, and all the details needed to develop a healthy business plan.

Unit 3 - Access to Finance

Ideas and possibilities to finding the necessary funding to start the business.

Unit 4 - Sales and Marketing

Marketing strategies and activities useful as an entrepreneur. Also insight into selling styles and techniques.

Unit 5 - Culture, Language, Communication and Networking

Insight into communication styles and how to use them in your work as an entrepreneur. Learning to pay attention to cultural codes and how the business culture of the country works.